Shanghai Hanyang Clean Technology Co.,Ltd

Shanghai Hanyang Clean Technology Co.,Ltd Shanghai Hanyang Clean Technology Co.,Ltd Shanghai Hanyang Clean Technology Co.,Ltd Shanghai Hanyang Clean Technology Co.,Ltd
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Business Type: Manufacturer
Trading Company
Main Market: Worldwide
Brands: Hanyang
No. of Employees: 50~150
Annual Sales: 10 million-15 millions
Year Established: 2012
Export p.c: 70% - 80%
About Us

Shanghai Hanyang clean tech Co.,Ltd is a leading supplier of cleanroom products ,and is a company that integrates the sales and production of sterile protective clothes ,and are committed to providing cleanroom clothes and solutions for pharmaceutical company ,food enterprises .We will continue to provide first-rate products and services for our customer,the main products including heat-resistant cleanroom coverall,cleanroom shoes,cleanroom cleaning cloth,protective mask, gloves and so on ,our company stick to the principle of customer first and continue to meet the needs of customer from both home and abroad by developing high standard and quality products ,at home ,we also have established cooperative relation with many renowned pharmaceutical company ,such as china's xiuzheng pharmaceutical company ,Mengniu dairy conglomerate ,and so on .We are eager to establish cooperative relation with you and create the common prosperous future


our company was founded in 2012 ,in the 8 years since the establishment of company ,Led by our general manager Mr wang,our company has experienced high speed growth ,and established our own brand "hanyang" ,during the period of development ,we have developed our kinds of sterile cleanroom clothes ,including cleanroom coveralls,PVC/PU shoes ,cleaning cloth,anti-static Mop ,disposable gloves and so on ,these products has been highly commended by our domestic customers ,we have also established cooperative relation with many renowned pharmeceutical company and dairy factory at home, at the moment ,Our employee had increased to 100  from 20 people before the founding of company ,we also stick to the principle of strict management philosophy  ,Several years ago, our overseas sales department was set up,our general manager also outline our plans to tap into overseas market ,Due to our persistent efforts ,we have also gained a foothold in some regions ,we are convinced that Our good products and reliable services will continue to win us the trust of customers from all over the world ,


Our company will provide fast reponse and counselling services for customer after We receive your info ,We can provide free sample for customer Strict quality control ,We have our own inspection department which are responsible for the quality of products ,All products will be subjected to rigorous tests beforer they leave the factory ,Quarantee:A: Our product come with one year warranty ,B:you will get free replacements if the products are found defective within 7 days from the date of purchase of our products ,as long as the products is under warranty ,we will provide free repair services for you ,the following conditions are not covered by warranty ,if the products is within the warranty periods ,you need to mail the products to us at your expense ,1,damage arising from the human error /mishandle 2 .improper use





Our Team

Shanghai Hanyang is made up of dedicated teams,whether in harsh environment or on a sweltering day  ,they attended various kinds of exhibition ,and some go so far as to travel thousands of miles to meet their customer ,We are keenly aware that an enteprise's success is due in large part to the hard work of staff , due to unremitting efforts of all staff ,we have developed into a strong company with a turnover of 10 millions,half of our employee at least have a associate degree or above ,Our team's mission is to provide the best service and satisfied  products for our prospective customer             

our overseas sales team:

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Our offices team:

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